Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some sweet little pictures to share...

Childhood days, wildwood days,
Among the birds and bees;

You left me alone,
but still you're my own!

In my beautiful Memories...

(Words above are from music by Gustave Kahn and Engbert Van Alstyne)

Greetings from The Perch. The other day I finished wrapping the gifts for my children and grandchildren, and I started thinking about the wonder of Christmas for the little ones. So I thought I would like to share some of the old photos, recently acquired, from my "little ones" collection of instant ancestors.

My newest grandson was born in May, so this will be his first Christmas. Both of my children and their families live in Florida, as does my Dad, so we are heading down there on Thursday to do an early Christmas, and will then bring my Dad back up here for about three weeks so that he can spend the holiday with us. My Mom passed away a few years ago, and we can't stand the thought of my Dad having to spend any portion of the holidays alone. Besides, seeing a little cold weather does a body good! (Although it was in the 70's here yesterday.)

I hope you enjoy the pictures, and that you have a great day!

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