Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some goodies for my stash...

Happy Thursday! I hope you're doing well and enjoying your day. We had some windy and rainy weather over night, along with a tornado watch, but luckily it passed over and its pretty nice now, though getting cold.

Yesterday morning it was pretty nice out so I took a drive to SuzAnna's to spend the gift certificate that my husband gave me for Christmas. Needless to say, it was not difficult to put it to good use! The largest purchase was a wonderful shabby white primitive bench that found its way to the downstairs guest room. Its being used as a plant stand right now, since that room is one of the two spots in the house that gets really good light. I will share that piece with you in a later post. Following are some pics of the treasures that I came home with.

Some chippy architectural salvage (the
one in the back is curved, so consider
the possibilities), and
a burlap Valentine's banner...

I love the silver glitter...

An old plate with a ship, shells, old map
and old lettering. I think that this will look
good on the black hutch over our fireplace...

A chippy old iron base, and some
weathered drawer pulls...

An old lace-edged hanky, which I will use on
my grandmother's page in my dad's family book
(she used to crochet edging onto hankies),
along withsome old millinery...


Old pearl buttons and velvet ribbon...

This week, I also won these baby shoes on eBay, and wanted to share them with you. I love the little scalloped tops and the very soft leather. The shoes also came with...

...this old white baby's dress hanger. Such a find!!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for coming by!


  1. Oh I love your finds Sue!! You and I could have a fabulous time shopping together! If I get down your way you know we'll be doing that! North Carolina is one of my favourite states! Love those baby shoes and that hanger. Can't wait to see the bench!

    1. I would LOVE it if you ever came for a visit!! The shop you just went to looked pretty good to me too! XO

  2. If we get back down your way (and the chances are good as we love the area), I will definitely let you know!


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