Tuesday, April 9, 2013

At day's end...

Happy Tuesday morning! Yesterday was a day of rest from the garden, though we did go to Lowe's to pick up some Black Cow and cypress mulch (we have some very nasty soil in these parts, and nothing can be planted without amending it).

Here are some photos taken Sunday while working around the yard. I can't believe that spring seems to be finally on its way, and the gardens seem to change a little bit each day. Yesterday it reached about 75.

Hubby's job was widening the beds
behind the screened porch, since the
hydrangeas on the left were getting too big and
 hitting him in the face every time he mowed.
Mulching to follow...

My job was completing the laying of
the pine straw along the path going
down to the gazebo...

Of course, I couldn't resist taking a few close-ups
of the daffodils planted last fall.
This one is a Repleat Daffodil...

...this is a Tahiti...

...and this an Ice King...

Here are some blossoms from the cherry tree...

...along with those on the crab apple tree.

A sweet little vintage garden statue, finally
beginning to accumulate some moss. Hooray...

And at day's end, some time to relax...

Make sure you take some time to relax yourselves! Seize the day...


  1. oh my goodness! your daffs are so gorgeous and all the lovely things in your yard! We have yet to see crocus bloom here in Michigan! ;)
    Thanks for sharing my favorite parts of spring!


    1. Glad you like them! It seemed like it took forever for spring to get here. Well, I guess if it's still cold up there, at least you have more time indoors to create your beautiful art! A bright side to everything! XO

  2. Oh, dear. Another "missing" post... unless it hasn't been approved yet? I love all of your beautiful photos, especially the one of your sweet statue... how charming she is holding her mama and baby rabbits! xoxo

    1. Hi Pat! I'm sorry if another of your posts did not go through, but I didn't see any other one. I try to publish received comments as soon as I read them, other than the awful spams, which is why I went to moderating in the first place. I'm glad you like the photos and have visited again! XO


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