Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tour of historic homes...

Happy Saturday! I hope you're having a great day.

This weekend the county that we live in is hosting a tour of historical homes, so we visited the houses in one of the towns today, and will see the others tomorrow. I think that the only thing more beautiful than a gorgeous garden is a beautifully restored home, so this was a really great day. I thought you might like to see some of the pictures that I took. Of course, I couldn't resist also shooting some photos of  houses that were not actually on the tour!

We were allowed to go through the insides of those on the tour and meet the people who owned them.

This home is a beauty that was in awful condition
when the current owners bought it 10 years ago.
It was once part of 1000 acres of land,
and was built in 1805.
It is a work in progress being lovingly restored...

Here is another shot. I love the little outbuilding
with the old yellow bathtub in front...

This one is currently still under restoration, so we couldn't
go in due to safety issues. It is part of the local college and
once restored will be housing for female honor students
of the college...

This one was not on the tour, but it is beautiful... is the one shown in the following two photos.

Yet another beauty that was not on the tour...

The following one was on the tour and my favorite.
It was owned by a young couple raising their children there,
and they were all as nice as the house is beautiful.
I couldn't resist taking several pictures of it...

The double doors were wonderful...

...and if you're going to sit on a real southern porch,
it should be this one. And we did!

Another lovely not on the tour...

...and another. I just loved the corner garden
on the right!

These two were not on the tour, but beautiful homes across
the street from the beautiful church that was...

And here is the church.
The inside was as beautiful as the outside.
It had the original stained glass windows.

I did not ask to take pictures of the insides of any of these, as I did not want to intrude on anyone's privacy, but they were all beautiful.

Have a great evening!


  1. What gorgeous old beauties! I want to move to North Carolina! I could live with you and Mr. Perch and do your laundry and dishes; I would keep your craft supplies organized; and I'm an excellent researcher about anything you might be interested in, like gardening! You'd be surprised at how helpful I'd be in spite of my health difficulties! Just let me know when you want me!


    1. You are so funny...your comments make my day! Sounds like a great idea. Too bad that we don't live in a house anything like those on the Tour. I hope you're having a great weekend!


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