Sunday, April 21, 2013

Florence and her flowers...

Good morning and happy Sunday! I hope that you're having a great weekend.

Yesterday we went to the local garden club's sale where I bought some daylilies, then we later went to Lowe's and bought some other plants and garden-related things. I started planting when we got home and need to finish up today. It's still a little chilly outside, so I will do that this afternoon.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say hello with a quick post and share this lovely vintage photo with you. The inscription on the back states that this beautiful little girl was named Florence. I just love the pale dress and flowers contrasting with the black button-up boots and what looks like black stockings. Right-click and save as you wish!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh to be in the garden, even if it's still a bit chilly. No gardening here yet...and this weekend is particularly dreadful...we've had some snow and freezing temperatures...I actually had to wear my WINTER coat yesterday when I went out. This not normal for us by April 20/21 -- and it's still cold today. The poor birds don't know what's happening!

    1. It's not that warm here this weekend. I had two sweatshirts on all day yesterday, and this morning I put the heat on upstairs. Not normal for this area either. I think the plants are as confused as the birds! XO

  2. What a beautiful photo of sweet Florence! I love her dress--especially the layers of lace draped over the bodice and down her arms, and the satin ribbons on her shoulders--somebody loved this little girl a lot.♥ Thank you for sharing her, Sue. xoxo

  3. You're welcome. And now WE love her a lot! XO


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