Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reminder of 100th post giveaway, and some lovely old bird books...

Good morning and greetings from The Perch!

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It promises to be a week of lovely weather in the mid to high 70's, so we're hoping to spend most of it completing the mulching of the garden beds, which is back-breaking work for those of us older than 40, and definitely something you don't want to do in the middle of a HOT southern summer! But, it's so worth it in the end when we end up with practically weed-free gardens.
My husband hung up our new hummingbird feeder the other day, as we had foolishly left the old one out during the winter and it cracked, likely from the cold. That never happened before. Live and learn.

While on the subject of gardening and birds, I must show you a little bit from the bird books that I recently acquired from, where else, but eBay, and one from another source of great old books, Abe Books. If you have never ordered anything from Abe, it's great. Actually, the shipping costs, even the international rates, are much cheaper than those from the sellers on eBay, so I comparison shop for the books I want. Abe connects with booksellers from all over the world so most of the time you can find what you want and have several to choose from in all different price categories. Check it out here.

Below are some glimpses of what's in these books.

The book below is part of
"The Wayside and Woodland Series"
printed in London, this one the 1932 edition.
It has beautiful prints of birds and eggs.
What's not to love about anything from the UK?

And here is a glimpse inside...

The one below is from the US, also with beautiful
prints of birds, this one printed in 1950...

...and a sample of the inside pages.

Another American book, also with beautiful
prints of birds and their eggs,
this one the 1932 edition...

...and a sample of what is within...

Additional pages which I had to share with you,
as these show the nest and picture of a Phoebe,
which is what this blog was named for!

Well, thanks for visiting. Time to go outside, work in the garden, and listen to some REAL birds!! Have a great day!


  1. Oh, I do love birds, especially vintage images of them!

    I'm new to your blog, Sue, so I didn't know the origin of your blog name... I had never even heard of a phoebe! What a cute name for a cute bird!


    1. Hi, Pat! Thanks for visiting again. My very first post back in August tells a little more about Phoebe. And also, it is just a plain good old fashioned name for a girl! Have a great day!

  2. Oh, I will have to look for the Phoebe Post.: )

    I love the new trend of using old-fashioned names for babies. My own two granddaughters are named Charlotte and Madelyn. (I like the "ine" ending better, by my daughter was afraid that people would pronounce it with a long 'i' sound instead of like the word 'in'.)


    1. I love the old fashioned names too, Pat. My granddaughter's name is Jordyn. My daughter thought the standard spelling seemed more like it was for a boy. I like the way she spells it. Happy Wednesday! XO


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