Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Sister is a Little Bit of Childhood fabric collage...

Good morning friends!

I just completed another fabric collage. I love this one because of the quote (even though I am not lucky enough to have ever had a sister!). And, though I am not generally a lover of the color purple, except in my garden, I did enjoy using the plum and gold tones in this piece. This one used a photo printed directly on an ink-jet fabric sheet.

I found this gold-beaded trim awhile ago. I just loved
using it with the darker fabric that has the gold
metallic writing on it.

A little ruffled fabric, embellished with old
pearl buttons...

A close-up of the quote and photo, and the little
heart-shaped crystal that I put on the baby's necklace...

Another shot...

I'm not sure what spoke to me the most on this one, the photo, or the quote! 


  1. So darling! And as a sister, I can tell you -- that quote is so very true. Just reading it took me back to childhood with my sister. She is no longer with us, but she is always with me in my memories and my heart.

    1. I remember you having spoken about your sister on your blog. Actually, I thought of you as I was completing this one. I am sorry that you lost her, Sherry. XO

    2. (((Sue))) -- that really touches me deeply. Thank you so much for saying that. xo

  2. Absolutely beautiful,Sue:)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks so much. You have a wonderful weekend also! Hugs back!!


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