Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Belated Happy Mother's Day Wishes: Mother and Child Fabric Collage, and some flowers for you...

Hello friends. I hope that those of you who are moms had a great Mother's Day. I'm sorry for being absent for a few days, but we were away since Thursday and just returned yesterday. We had trouble getting Internet access, so I was unable to post any pictures to this blog.

I was thinking of you, so here is a little fabric collage that I did to honor mothers everywhere. I started it before we left, but completed it Saturday, hoping that I could get it posted in time.

I purchased this old photo awhile ago
knowing that I would use it for a
Mother's Day project.
I think that the mother is beautiful,
and this chubby baby is adorable.
This photo was taken in Cuba...

I used my sewing machine to circle the
mother and child within a heart...

The vintage lace is a beautiful old piece from my stash,
and the felt flower is one that I bought in a
scrapbooking store...

Here is a close-up of the baby...

Now, what would Mother's Day be without some flowers? Take a walk with me through our arbor, and let's pick some!

The roses covering the arbor are New Dawn,
I think. We moved them from my old house
to the one we live in now, so I'm not positive.
The arbor is on the side of the house, and
you see the garden shed behind it...

Here is a close-up of what is on the arbor.
They are very small and smell just
beautiful. You can actually smell them
from the front of the house!

Perhaps you would like a darker pink rose
instead, as the Pink Knockout you see below.
We have two huge bushes of these, each purchased
as shrimpy little plants about five years ago
for five dollars each, and
also moved from my old house...

Here are some more. Plenty for your

Also blooming right now is the Sunkist Bearded Iris.
It is white with a small bit of yellow,
along with purple veins...

...and another Iris for which I don't know the name.
I keep all plants marked with identifiers, but
the one for this iris has disappeared. I love the unusual
gold and iridescent purples on this one...

Below is a Gay Paree Peony.
Another beauty, I think...

In a future post, I will share something from our weekend. Have a great evening! 


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