Friday, May 31, 2013

Vintage fabric collage: Revisiting rusty horseshoes and old lace...

Hello friends! A while ago I did a post about some rusty horseshoes, lace and driftwood that I was going to use in future projects. Well, I just completed a fabric collage piece for my granddaughter for her birthday, and did use a rusty horseshoe and old lace (she loves horses). She had recently redecorated her room in dusty pinks and browns, hence my color choices. She will be 11 in June.

The piece is called
"Today is the Day".
It hangs by rusty wire from
and old horseshoe that I
studded with pink Swarovski crystals...

The horseshoe...

I love this quote...

The locket was from Michael's.
The outside says "live and let live" which
I used because Jordyn wants to be a veterinarian.
I placed a silk flower in it and filled it with Diamond Glaze.
It is tied onto the piece with ribbon...

I bought the photo from eBay months ago with this
project in mind. The little girl looks a little like my
granddaughter. I love the fact that she is riding the
horse down a sidewalk!

 I distressed and crackled a wooden letter "J"
and sewed it on...

I wove brown ribbon through the lace to
ground the piece visually...

I hope she likes it!


  1. I would dare to say she will love it!!!

    1. She called me last night to say that she got my box of gifts yesterday, and said that her favorite was the collage. Sweet!


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