Wednesday, May 8, 2013

After the rain...

Good morning from The Perch!

On Monday it rained again for most of the day, so yesterday morning it was really pretty outside. It was still rather wet out there, but I decided to take a walk around the gardens and see what was blooming. Here are a couple of glimpses of what I saw.

I loved the way the water droplets
were still on these foxglove

And my French Lavender faithfully
returns each year...

I hope that you have a "blooming" good day!

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  1. Sue these are beautiful. I love the shade of the foxglove and such a rich shade of lavender!! My garden is finally beginning to emerge and we're expecting some rain over the next few days -- much needed as the ground is bone dry.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad that you can hopefully put the winter behind you! We've had a lot of rain lately, so it should temper things before the very hot weather rolls in (I hope!).

  3. Loving the foxglove and lavender. It really has been nice to see everything blooming here also. Your post makes me want to find a foxglove plant and add it to my garden.

    1. I only have a few of them. They can't take too much heat or sun, and they are impossible to raise from their tiny seeds. So, I buy them in pots and am happy that they return each year!


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