Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chippy headboards and a touch of French Blue...

Good morning and greetings from The Perch! We returned from New England on Saturday, and were busy all day yesterday, so I thought I'd drop you a line today. We had a great time up north, but it's good to be home again. Actually, we had a great time even coming home!

When we go up there, we try to avoid the aggravating Richmond and D.C. areas at all costs, so we stay off of I-95 (the shortest route if you don't get caught in hours of traffic outside those areas!). Instead, we make it a two-day trip and opt for the scenic route up through the gorgeous Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia, and the beautiful farm country of Pennsylvania. On our way home, we try to stop in Danville, VA, which is right at the NC border. We try to grab lunch at a great sandwich shop that is there, and take a few minutes to browse through Lou's, a GREAT antique store, with three stories of anything and everything you could hope to find. Something for everyone!

So picture this, we had already eaten lunch up in Lynchburg, VA, but stopped at Lou's anyway. We were in our smaller SUV, loaded to the gills with all the stuff from our trip. And what do we find in Lou's, but some large items that would have been too big to fit in the car if it had been empty, never mind full. So, like any other antique-loving nutcases would do, we put a deposit on the items and asked Lou to hold them till we could get back there. And when we asked if he could do better on the prices, he knocked off so much that it was basically like getting one of the pieces for free. So...we drove back up there yesterday (about two hours' ride each way) had lunch in our sandwich shop, and picked up our stash. Here they are!!!

An old chippy iron full-sized headboard and footboard.
Exactly what we I was looking for to put in the master
bedroom at Birdsong Cottage...

I love how this set is so delicate looking.
You can see how tall the headboard is next to our foundation
and the railing on the porch...

And if that wasn't enough, we found exactly what we I was hoping
to find for the guestroom, which is very small.
A single-sized headboard...

And there were two!!
My vision for this tiny room is to have a single bed up
against the wall lengthwise, loaded with pillows against the wall,
so it almost looks like a daybed...

Would you believe these two beauties actually even came with the side rails? I can't wait to pretty them up and get them up to The Cottage.

OK, so if that wasn't good enough, when we went back there yesterday there was this gorgeous old stained glass window that was all clear glass, with just a touch of color, and that touch was mostly the prettiest shade of French Blue. I had secretly eyed this on Friday, but was afraid to mention it. (I didn't want to push things further than the beds!) But in the sandwich shop I got Mr. Perch drunk on unsweetened iced tea, and it didn't take much to get him to take a peek at the stained glass.

You guessed it! Mr. Lou gave us a great price on this too...

A close-up of the beautiful color...

And if that wasn't enough,
there were two of these too!
These will also likely be used at Birdsong...

While I was taking the above three pictures,
I couldn't resist taking some photos of our Limelight Hydrangea,
which is about the only worthwhile thing blooming in our garden
right now...

You can see how big it is compared to the
pergola that is over our deck!

Well, thanks for stopping by! In my next post, I will share some photos of a great shop that we went to on our trip! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Deals and steals!!! I love that you went back and then came home with even more! You are one savvy shopper!! ;)

    1. Savvy shopper...much to my husband's dismay! The funny part was that the main floor of this place is more of the "fine" antiques stuff which is stuffy or too expensive, so we didn't think we would find anything. Set me free in the basement and upper floor and who knows what you can find!


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