Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chippy whites, "The Salvage Saloon" and an antique bread bowl...

Good morning friends! I hope that all is going well in your lives.

Before I throw them into  "The Salvage Saloon", I wanted to share with you a few pieces of chippy whites that I bought at an antiques mall when we were up in Brevard, NC. I have been there many times before, but now that we are "getaway-home-owners"  up there, I will no doubt become a frequent visitor! A large part of the mall is allocated to salvage, where they have everything from old wooden flooring and tin ceilings (and I mean complete ones that you could use if you were restoring an old house), to door knobs, old wood doors, chippy old windows, hinges, old lighting and pretty much anything else you could hope to find. It is a true haven for anyone who loves assemblage. Or even weirds like me who use this stuff in fabric art.

A chippy white cabinet cabinet door, a piece
of trim, and a couple of doorknob plates... added to The Salvage Saloon.
Yup! I decided to use that big old wire basket for
assemblage materials rather than fabrics.
I thought it was too rusty to hold fabric, and since it is so big
it would have been too hard to get the fabrics out...

I really didn't have room for the basket
in the studio, so...

...I placed it next to the armoire in the upstairs guest room.
You walk through to get to my studio.
I think that the treasures add a little interest
to the room (which still needs a little decorating)...

Our great find in the other section of the mall was this
old bread bowl.
I placed it on the bed in the guest room just so that
you could see how long it is.
When I have some time I will fill it with something and it
will be placed on our dining room table...

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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