Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas in July...

Hello to all!

Have you noticed that "Christmas in July" has become a really big thing lately? I suspect that the real reason is so stores and other vendors can cash in twice, instead of only once, on the Christmas shopping frenzy. When I was in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, a bunch of Christmas decorations were already out. And when we were up north last week, I noticed at least one town where the streets were decorated, and you could tell that people had decorated Christmas trees standing in front of their windows.  My dad was telling me yesterday that his town in Florida does the same thing. Each to his own, I guess, but personally, once a year is enough for me. I guess you could decorate your tree, though, in a beach or patriotic theme, and kill two birds with one stone!

While we were away last week we had our mail held at the Post Office. So, having Mr. Perch come home with a box filled with the week's mail was a bonus for me. Some things I ordered on line were all there at once, and this was my own version of Christmas in July.

Some small pieces of antique indigo
print fabric from the 1880's to
the early 1900's. 
This fabric is getting harder to come by,
and lately I've had a thing for indigo...

Three of the most beautifully quilted
indigo and cream quilt squares
I've ever seen.
I dream about what the whole quilt
must have looked like.
I am thinking of making them into a 
table runner, but time will tell...

Here is one up close...

And a sizeable piece of quilt done in
the "ocean waves" pattern...

And last but not least, some vintage photos
to add to my ever-growing photo collection. 
I love the sister with the baby,
and I adore girls on swings.
The tiny photo... one of a few pieces of the photo booth strip shown below.
They were separated like this when I got them, 
but yet, to have this many still together is quite
a find.
Mostly, dealers separate them into singles 
and sell them as one photo to maximize their profits.
I wonder what this beautiful mother and daughter 
were thinking when they had these taken.
Each photo measures only about 1 inch wide
by 1 1/2 inches high.
A copy of one would be lovely in a jewelry pendant...

An added bonus was that the photo booth strips were
in an envelope with these stamps on it.
Aren't they worthy of being incorporated into 
a collage?...

For some inexplicable reason, 
I bought this western belt buckle. 
Well, actually there IS an explanation.
I have amassed a small collection of vintage cowgirl
photos, and am hoping to do some cowgirl art.
Well, maybe...

Collections of stuff. Awesome stuff. I keep saying I will use it, and I will. The question is: when? Perhaps in the winter when yard season and vacations are done with. Hmmmm....

I hope that you're being more creative than I've been lately!


  1. Beautiful finds, Sue. I especially love the fabrics and quilt pieces. Sooner or later you'll be back creating, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks, Julia! I hope that you're having a great day! XO


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