Thursday, July 3, 2014

Some red in the garden...

Hello there!

If you follow this blog, you know by know that when it comes to color I am pretty much a neutral kind of gal. But that the exception to this rule is the use of color in my art, and color in my garden. Last year, in this post, I talked about orange flowers. And today it is about red. Though I am not a big fan of red in our home, except a tad at Christmas and for patriotic holidays, there is something about a red zing of color in a garden. Not too much, but it's so nice to look out your window and see your garden just pop.This does not seem to happen with pale colors. So, while I do love the tranquility of my blue hydrangeas, and white, pink and lavender perennials, you can always count on me to add a little zing here and there.

When we got home last week, one of the first things I did was take a walk around the gardens to see which of my babies missed me when I was gone. Much to my delight, many of the daylilies were in full bloom. Have you ever noticed how gardens seem to do better when we neglect them for short periods?

Quite a few of the reds are now in bloom, so here are a few. I think that I have the names right, but as a disclaimer, I would not swear to it! I love the fact that they are all different shades of red, some with an orange tone, and some with blue.

I don't believe this one has a name.
I think that it was a freebie seedling that 
I got when I ordered some others.
It's a beauty just the same...

Red Grace. 
My mom's name was Grace.
She hated the color red.
She should only have met this one...

Red Suspenders...

Red Volunteer...

Wiggle Worm.
Yes, Wiggle Worm.
A private hybridizer in this area has a wonderful
sense of humor when naming his creations...

Have I convinced you yet about putting some pop in your garden? May your day be filled with new colors.

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