Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Saturday of antique-hunting...

Good morning! 

On the Saturday of the week that we were in the mountains, we went downtown Hendersonville, NC (the town in which we have our place) to spend some time at the street antique show. Many different vendors brought in their antiques and set up "shop" on the sidewalks along Main Street. Unlike the Garden Jubilee, which we attended last month, the street was not closed down, so it was a win-win for not only the vendors who came to sell, but also for all of the shops.

One of the first things that I fell in love with was with one of the first few vendors that we visited. So of course, I had no rest until we went back to make sure that no one else bought it. I paid for it and they held it until later when we could move the car closer to load it.

Though I didn't originally set out to put
wicker in our porch, I couldn't resist this settee, 
especially with the Victorian scroll in the middle
at the top.
When I went back to pay for it, I also saw this
old "home" sign on an old cabinet door,
so need I say more...

Though we didn't buy anything else at this show, we did break for munchies at what I think is one of the best bake shops in the world, McFarlan Bakery. They even have "no sugar added" goodies. What could be better than this?

The shop is on the left...

Yummy almond pasty...

Mr. Perch drinking coffee...

Sue stuffing her face with pasties...

Hubby suggested that the day was yet young, so we headed up the road towards Asheville. We decided to explore Smiley's Flea Market in Fletcher. We had passed it often, but never stopped in. I am not much of a flea market person, because I don't have the patience to spend hours wading through the kind of junk that I got rid of 30 years ago just to find the one steal that I can't live without. But I did indeed find a steal.

This beauty to add to my newly started collection
of cutter quilts.
(A cutter quilt is one that is not likely to be
in good enough condition to use on a bed,
but can be re-purposed into other
craft items.)
It didn't even smell musty, and...

...the nice gal who sold it said it was $40, but she would
give it to me for $20.
I didn't even have to ask!!...

On our way up to Smiley's, we had seen a sign on a place for estate sales and liquidations. It was on the other side of the street, in a town called Mountain Home, so we decided to hit it on the way back. It was called TEAM Estate Sales, and was a group of dealers that get together every couple of months to pool items that they want to sell. You basically go in, choose your item, remove the sales ticket, which has a number on it that matches a sticker on the item. You go to the desk and pay for it, show someone your receipt, and he brings it out to your car for you. 

They had a huge array of wonderful stuff from dishes to jewelry to beautiful old pine hutches. Below are a couple of photos that I took. I was afraid to take too many, since it was getting crowded and I wanted to protect innocent bystanders from this blog. 

So, we came home with this sweet little table.
It will be painted next time, along with the

As our Native American friends would have said, it was a "good hunt"! What are you hunting for these days?

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