Sunday, July 20, 2014

Driving along the New England coast: Stonewall Kitchen in York, Maine...

Good morning friends!

On Friday we returned from a week in New England, as we go to Massachusetts every July to visit Mr. Perch's son. It was our plan to go in the motor home, spending a week there, and a week up at Lake George in NY, but those plans went awry when, after spending a week doing a thorough cleaning of the motor home, and stocking it with two week's worth of food and clothes, we couldn't get the living room slide back in. Hubby worked on it for two days, to no avail. Not to mention we discovered that our windshield had somehow cracked. Do you believe in omens? I think that I do now.

We ended up canceling all of our campground reservations, making new ones at hotels, and only went for a week. Bummer. Aside from the fact that I came down with a cold a few days after we got there, we still managed to have a pretty good week.

Last Sunday we took a drive up the coast on Route 1A. It is such a beautiful drive. I always marvel at the ragged coastline with its rocks and beautiful views of the ocean. Having lived a large part of my life in Florida where I spent many hours on Siesta Key Beach (I still think one of the most beautiful beaches with its white sand and tame Gulf waters), the New England coastline is so beautiful in a very different way. First we headed up to York, Maine, to make our annual visit to Stonewall Kitchen. You can read about it in my post of a couple of years ago, found here

Every year their gardens are spectacular.
This year I loved the border garden just outside
the outside dining area...

The beauty was in its simplicity.
Basically four types of plants,
repeated throughout.
pink dahlias,
what I think were
ornamental kale, New Guinea Impatiens,
and some wispy things with pink blossoms 
that I couldn't identify...

These photos don't do the garden justice, 
but I tried to capture the fact that the veins
in the Ornamental Kale were pink 
and matched the Dahlias...

Since I don't have much luck growing dahlias
here, I always marvel at their beauty...

We came back with a few things,
but not the garden I'm afraid!
My favorite, Balsamic Fig Dressing.
Delicious with mixed greens, Gorgonzola cheese,
pears, red onions, and glazed pecans.
And some "new releases",
along with a small bottle of Barbecue Ketchup,
which was their giveaway. 
I couldn't resist the towels and the teak spreader...

We didn't stop at York beach, since we have already been a few times, and it is always very crowded. 

In my next post I'll continue with the rest of our drive, where you will actually see some of the coastline!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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