Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On leaving Birdsong Cottage...

Good morning to all! 

Well, as all good things must come to an end, so ended our nine-day stay at Birdsong. Here are a few last photos snapped before we left.

Rosie loved the new-old wicker settee,
and didn't seem to realize that there was no cushion on 
it yet....

Ollie loved seeing the world from the vantage 
point of the fridge.
This was the first time he jumped up there...

Sue loved the fact that we started decorating
the guest bedroom, so now only half of it
is being used as a storage facility for 
Mr. Perch's tools. 
This is not saying much as the room is only
about 8 by 10...

And Mr. Perch looked forward to the five-hour
trip home, time in which he had nothing to
build, fix, replace, or shop for. 
Well, that lasted until we got home to 
"real house", anyway!

The saddest part about leaving was knowing that we will not likely be back until August, as July is the month in which we go up to visit Bob's son in Massachusetts. We are taking the motor home and hope to visit some other places while we are up there, perhaps Vermont and upstate New York. 

On a happy note, for the first time I heard Hubby quietly say: "Maybe we should start checking out permanent real estate the next time we are up there". I can only dream.

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