Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A New Roof for The Wren's Nest

Hello to all! In my last post I shared some photos of stains on the ceiling of our master bathroom. Since we weren't sure whether or not they were the result of new leaks that occurred during the winter when we were away, or if they were bleed-through from old leaks, we decided not to take any chances and had this place re-roofed. Well, actually, on a mobile home it is called a roofover, which is when a new roof is installed right over the old original one. It turned out that one had already been done here, but it was old, so the roofers removed it and put on the new one in its place. We are very happy with it and it looks really nice. It is called "white", but actually has just the slightest tint of grey to it, so this will work in our favor on our design plan for the exterior painting whenever we get around to it! 

Here are some photos. The roof was put up the last time we were up here. Here comes the load of materials, which included the insulation and steel roof material. Actually, they had enough on this truck to do a couple of other jobs after ours.

Two young men did all of the work. I don't think that I've ever seen anyone work as hard as these fellows. They started at 8 a.m. And worked until the job was finished at 5 p.m., taking no breaks. We suggested that they take a few as it was hot up there, but they said that they would rather work until they were done. Here they are removing the old roofover, pieces of which you see on the lawn. These were later hauled off of the lot by the folks here at the park, and sold as salvage...

In this photo they are getting ready to install the insulation...

...and in this one, the roof is on, and they are installing the trim...

We took,the next two photos from the pool area, which is right across from our lot...

I will soon paint the old black trim (seen on the porch) to match that on the new roof, and this week we are making some other changes to the front. But more on that later!...

In a few of the photos above, if you're very observant, you may notice the biggest change that we are in the process of completing. Something started right before the roof went on, and still being worked on this week.

Have a great day!


  1. Just curious, was your current roof leaking, or was this a preventive or cosmetic thing? My wife and I are looking at a mobile home and were wondering about the roofs. We are trying to get things more simple and cost effective and a decent used mobile home is looking pretty good.

    Franklin Stewart @ Muller Exteriors

    1. Hello Franklin. We did it as a preventative measure. It is a very old unit and had a roofover some years ago, but we didn't know when. While I was painting I noticed some spots from old leak damage but nothing was ever actually wet. Since it is a getaway home for us and we are not there most of the time, we didn't want to take any chances so had the old roofover torn off and the new one put on. Money well spent as others in the park tried to spot fix leaks and had no luck. The leaks just moved to another spot. Thanks for your question. Good luck! Sue


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