Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Wren's Nest: The Guest Bathroom (Part 2)


Moving right along in the saga of the guest bathroom, here is Part 2.

Now we are getting to the fun part,
though perhaps Hubby would not agree.
In this room we had no old paneling to work
You may remember that when we did the master
bathrooms both at Birdsong and in this place,
we only made it LOOK like there was beadboard 
by putting up chair rail molding,
and painting the top of the paneled walls
 a different color from the bottom.
Here there was only old painted wallpaper,
so we put in actual beadboard on the bottom.
Since the old wallpaper was already painted,
I later followed suit with another coat of paint, 
and was actually 
happy with the way it came out.
In this photo you can see how little room
there was to work.
Good for me, as no room in there to help, 
so I got off easy.
Bad for Mr. Perch...

Here the beadboard is in, 
and flooring is being installed.
You can see where he also started sizing
the baseboards in back of the toilet...

The vanity (you may remember that we
bought this last year in Lowe's on close-out,
and stored it in the guest bedroom all winter)
was the biggest joke,
as we knew when we bought it that it was 1/2 inch
wider than the allotted space.
After a lot of cussing and swearing
(sorry, readers!)
we finally got it in.
Here you see it with the faucet that we also 
bought last year..
You can tell that the walls are not yet painted
nor has the caulking been done...

Here is the new fixture,
which replaced the junk that was there
(see yesterday's post).
And the walls are not yet painted,
evidenced, again, by the lovely wallpaper...

Here is the almost-completed room.
You will recognize the bird print on the wall
from Tuesday's post.
We used the toilet that was originally
in the master bathroom,
as it was in perfect condition.
(We purchased a slightly higher one for the master). 
I also re-used the sweet towel rack from
The beadboard was painted with a basic
trim white, since the vanity was too white
to be up against my favorite color,
Simply White, used in the rest of the place.
The upper part was painted in another 
Glidden color which I will supply the 
name of later,
as that information is up there,
and I am home right now.
It is a light taupe-ish color,
which blended better with the vanity top
than any shade of grey would have,
though it is in the same tone as what
I used elsewhere in this home.
In the upper right you can see the raw framing
of the window, which we replaced on
our second trip.
Oh, did I tell you that there will be a window 
saga to come?...

I must confess, that aside from painting, 
I did not play much of a role in remodeling
this room.
But, I did have fun playing with 
this dingy old antique 
mirror that was being ignored in the attic
here at Plum Tree.
It was chippy white, but not in a good way.
So I taped it off...

...painted it with the same white semi-gloss
paint used in the rest of the room...

...and voila,
after turning it sideways
we had a pretty mirror that kind of matched
the room, but not too much.
Only enough to give it that cottage look
we desire...

By the way,
brushed chrome knobs came with the vanity,
so I sprayed them with oil-rubbed bronze paint
and they match everything else now.
This room is so small that there was not enough room
to step back far enough to take a picture of the whole thing!
You have to love it.


Thanks for coming by.
As always, I so appreciate the time you spend reading my posts.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful finished results!! Great work~ (your guy must be a real peach: ) Thanks for sharing the photo's Sue~

  2. Your place is so beautiful and I enjoy seeing the transformations so much. I have wanted to put bead board up in my hallway for sometime now. I love the end result.

    1. I love bead board and also shiplap. Would love to do more with that in "real" house. Always something to look forward to I guess! XO


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