Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vintage Photos: Friends on Vacation

Happy Sunday, dear friends! We are up at The Nest, so I am attempting to post via iPad and/or iPhone. Both are somewhat awkward as I don't feel that I have control over fonts, spacing, centering, linking, or much else. Here goes nothing!

In a previous post I shared photos that I purchased from a nice lady who then included a few freebies. You may recall that I used one of them on my Etsy shop photo. She contacted me again and said that she had some more of these same friends vacationing and asked if I would like to buy them. We agreed on a price, and here they are.

Some had neat writing on the front of them...

I'm not sure if they were the same group of friends, or two different groups. The clothing seems to be from two slightly different eras.  When I have more time back home I will use a magnifying glass to get a better look at their faces and read the writing, which is not that clear.

I love the boat with the flag on it...

Some had writing on the back...

I wish I knew the whole story about these gals having such a wonderful time enjoying their vacation on the lake.

Well, our "vacation" up here begins today with my painting the outside window trim for the next batch of windows while the Mister works on the gutters and downspouts. 

Thanks for coming by! 



  1. Wonderful photo's and cards Sue! please let us know if you find out they are the same group of friends! : ) That would be interesting~ Thanks for sharing! Karen O

    1. I will, Karen. Thanks for your interest. Kindred souls are we!


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