Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Bird Book Print and an Old Picture Frame

After our recent community yard sale, we were stuck with quite a few things that didn't sell. Most were donated locally, but I did keep a few of the old picture frames thinking that I could diddle with them and use them down the road.

I still have a few places at The Nest that need a little decorating, so decided to put a few things together to bring up there, and here is one of them.

This was originally a bronze-brass metallic
wood frame.
I sprayed it with Rustoleum
in an oil-rubbed bronze color
(the same one that I used on the knobs
for the kitchen cabinets up there)...

...and left just a little of the original finish
showing through...

I recently discovered a source for vintage prints
that were cut from old books.
The shop sells at very reasonable prices,
and I don't have to tell you what some
sellers charge for these.

This one was the title page from a vintage
bird book.
The seller has a water colorist on staff,
and he, or she, gently colors some of the
illustrations, as was done with this one.
I made a copy of it,
(of course, saving the original)
and fastened it to a nice piece of burlap that
I then used to cover the cardboard that came
with the frame.
Vintage-looking prong fasteners
hold the print to the burlap...

Here is a close-up.
It was hard to get a good photo due
to the reflections on the glass...

It took about ten minutes to put the whole thing together 
while waiting for the paint to dry on the frame.
What could be better than this
for a vacation place called "The Wren's Nest"?!


I had also ordered a few other prints from this seller,
and I will share them with you on a future post.
If you're interested in browsing this shop on eBay,
the name of the store is Interior Elements,
and you can find it here.

Have you created anything "on the fly" lately?


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  1. This is SOOO Lovely Sue! You have completely inspired me : ) and I hope to give this a go sometime; with a few left over frames~ Thanks for sharing your creativity! hugs, Karen O

    1. I was sorry that I didn't save more of the old frames, but at least the attic is clean! I would love to see what you come up with on yours. It will be fabulous I know! XO

  2. The frame came out so beautifully, Sue! Such a gorgeous colour you gave it. And I LOVE that nest image, so beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful day, hugs xx

    1. Thanks Wen! And I hope that you're having a great weekend! Hugs back.


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