Friday, June 10, 2016

Antique French Letters and Documents

Hello dear friends.

In my quest for beautiful materials to use in paper collage I discovered a lovely Etsy shop in Canada and purchased some of the prettiest antique French letters and documents that I currently own. They were waiting for me when I got back last week, and I was so glad that they were!

First of all, I could barely bring myself to open up this beautiful
The seller must have taken so much time to cover this 
standard shipping envelope with such gorgeous collage work.
Even the postage stamps were chosen with such care.
(Pardon me for covering up the seller's and my adresses
with ugly sticky notes,
but you know how it goes on the internet!)...

I tried to capture in my photo that these items were all
glued onto the scripted background paper.
I hope that you can see that the hat is dimensional...

Even the back of the envelope had more ledger
paper on it,
along with pretty coordinating black and 
white striped washi tape to hold it all together...

  I very carefully cut opened the envelope to
remove the contents.
As you can imagine, I saved the envelope! 
And inside was the most beautiful collage material wrapped 
together as shown below
and tied with delicate twine.
A freebie postcard copy was on top,
with a thank-you written on back...

Do I love this beautiful bird-themed beauty?...

I had ordered two different sets,
and each was tied up separately...

I love the stunning blues of this one...

And the creamy color of  this set, 
along with the stunning blue stamps and postmarks.
They were all unusual in that the envelopes were
the outside parts of the letters themselves. 
Don't you love the gorgeous handwriting on them?

If you are interested in checking out this shop,
the link is here.

Will I ever use the originals of these in any kind of art?
But I will make copies of them!

Have you found anything stunning lately?


We will be heading up to The Nest shortly,
so you may not hear from me for a bit.
One of these days I will master posting from my cell phone or iPad.


PS. Is there anyone besides me that finds that spacing after paragraphs
in Blogger has gotten wonky lately?


  1. They are beautiful finds Sue, and I love both sets. Also so amazing an envelope they were send in, I`m sure the lady enjoyed packing it all up to you. Enjoy all this beauty.
    Dorthe, oxox

  2. Oh my goodness! The packaging is amazing (and I am ashamed of how I ship my own Etsy items out now lol)...what art! The papers are unreal! I will be following this seller for sure. I do not blame you for keeping them and scanning only. They are truly gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. Some people are so creative with the smallest details. You'll love that shop! XO

  3. Gorgeous bundle of treasures Sue! Thanks so much for sharing this with us; it is a lovely presentation~


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