Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's all about gardens...

Good morning!

Last week marked our first trip to the garden center. It really felt good and we got to tell some of our friends that work there why we had been "missing in action" for the better part of last year's gardening season.

Geraniums are among the earliest things that they start in
the hothouses...

 ...and they are just beginning to bud...

Strawberry plants are also in the works...

...and this one looks good enough to eat...

Chris, the owner, does a lot of custom patio and fountain work,
but this one sits in one of the hothouses,
so you can see it all year round.
This is a bad photo,
but in this area he keeps lots of beautiful

And below is our very own Plum Tree,
resplendent in all of her blooming glory.
Right behind her, and in front of the garden shed,
you can see the newly expanded iris and daylily garden.
Last year while Mr. Perch was recovering from his surgery,
I joined together what was once the herb garden
and the smaller iris and daylily garden,
moving the edging pavers to where they needed to be.
This past weekend I cleaned out all the winter leaves and pine needles
and trimmed the plants of dead foliage,
while The Mister completed actual installation of the pavers.
Stuff has already begun to pop out of the ground.
I think that the daylilies will bloom at the same time as the iris
this year, and usually they start much later...

As always, thank for visiting!


  1. So lovely to see spring in your garden center, Sue, there would be no strawberry plants, already showing a berry, here, in my garden center, but surely the wonderful geraniums, which I love, and have inside my home, always !! Your tree looks so beautiful, it will give you lots of plums, this year :-), xox

    1. Hello Dorthe. I guess it is a lot colder in your part of the world. The warmth here is nice, but it is also bringing early pollen, major allergy attacks for me, and hungry mosquitos. All this in February is early even for us. As for the plum tree, we have never gotten any plums at all. I don't know if it is because it has no mate, isn't old enough, or because it is some type of ornamental tree. Whatever the case, we love the shape of it and the shade that it offers. I guess I'll always have to buy our plums in the grocery store! Hugs!

  2. Ahhhhh spring! I cannot imagine trees blooming already, but I have daffodils trying to come up in February because of the temps. I love geraniums! I have rocks for my garden now, seems to be the easy way to garden among old people in the park! LOL I owe you a message, saw you had posted in my feed!

    1. Our daffies are popping as are some of the tulips. But it is kind of early for them and if we get a cold snap, which we probably will, the blossoms may drop off. As for rocks, they were a big thing in Florida too. Bob had them here all around the foundation of the house. We replaced them with mulch which is kinder to the bushes I think, plus the mulch seems to enrich our bad soil. Rocks are ok if you put weed barrier under them, but if you don't, the weeds pop between them and are harder to pull than pulling weeds out of mulch. I guess there is no easy solution in the garden! XO


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