Saturday, February 11, 2017

Signs of Spring at Plum Tree Cottage

Good morning my friends!

Yesterday we had some really pretty weather, being in the high 60s, with today expected to be more of the same. So, while walking around the yard I snapped a few photos of the promise of spring.

The first pretty white blossoms on the Plum Tree.
Yes, this house is named after her!...

One of the Hellebores (Lenten Rose) blooming in our fountain
garden in front of the deck.
She actually has been in bloom for almost a month now,
and will continue to do so until the really hot weather begins
in the summer...

Seen against the Carolina sky is the beginning of
the buds leafing out on one of our Crabapple trees...

And of course, always early are the daffodils
poking through the debris still in the garden
from its winter rest...

I don't imagine that I am looking forward to spring
and time spent in the garden!

Are you seeing any signs of spring where you live?


  1. Hello dear Sue, lucky you, with such beautiful spring signs in your garden, we are surely not as far here, where we still have freezing temperatures, and snow, but I`m looking very much forward to it. Therefore I don`t understand why you wrote : "I don't imagine that I am looking forward to spring
    and time spent in the garden!" Have I misunderstood ? Sunday greetings, Dorthe

    1. HI Dorthe. No, you have not misunderstood, really. I said the opposite of what I really meant because I am indeed looking forward to spring and love gardening. It was intended as a joke. Almost good old American sarcasm I guess you would call it. Didn't mean to confuse you! XO


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