Thursday, January 30, 2014

A face lift for our master bathroom!

Good morning friends! My posts may be a little bit scarce in the near future, as we have dived into a bathroom project. 

I have yearned for an all-white master bathroom for quite some time now, and that was just not possible with the maple cabinetry in this house put in by the builder when the house was built in 2007. My husband had some choices at the time that he had this house built, but I was not yet in the picture, so of course, had no say about it. After we tackled the bathroom up at Birdsong, he realized how much he liked white vanities and cabinets, so after taking more than a year to decide whether or not I wanted to get a new vanity or take a chance painting the one we had, I finally decided to take the latter course. We hope to complete the job on a budget, so decided that we would put our money into some other things that will hopefully give it the farmhouse look that we want.

Here are a some "before" photos, and some glimpses of what we've done since the weekend (nothing done yesterday as we needed to get to Lowe's for some additional materials, but didn't think it was worth venturing out on the roads that were not yet plowed).

The vanity in its original state.
The maple wood was too red and it
was virtually impossible to get any wall color
or shower curtain to look good with it.
It is also way to grainy...

This was the toilet alcove before... showing where Mr. Perch removed the
 baseboards and the builder's vinyl flooring...

Here is the lovely builder-grade lighting 
and the large mirror that wasn't even
centered over the vanity. 
Both drive me nuts...

Here you see the vanity with just the coat 
of primer...

As you can see, I painted the vanity doors in the bathroom,
as the garage was much too cold...

Our beautiful new tiles,
which are sitting on the living room floor
right now...

I have put the first coat of paint on the vanity, with a second to be completed shortly, and Hubby is working on something else which I will share with you in another post. 

Hooray for pretty bathrooms!

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