Sunday, January 12, 2014

A new year, and a new calendar!

Hello friends! I hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start!

OK, so I went to hang up our new calendar
on the back of the pantry door.
As I looked at the old one,
I realized that it was still on the
November page!
Yes, really. 
That pretty much sums up how frantic the
month of December was for us.

And now here it is, almost midway
through January, and I'm just
hanging this one up...

We are back from Florida, and it's good to think about returning to our old routine. I can't believe all the work ahead of me! We took the tree down yesterday, along with the outside decorations. I still have some other inside decorations to take down, and hope to do that today. But then maybe I'll wait until tomorrow. We have been so busy from prior to Thanksgiving until now. First, getting ready for our trip to Florida to celebrate an early Christmas with my daughter's family and to get my dad (12 hours each way, and we do all the driving in one day). Then to return my dad on Jan. 2nd and to see my son and family that weekend, since they had a wedding in Key West to go to when we were down there in December. Then over to the east coast of Florida (another four hours of driving) so spend a few days with our friends in Delray Beach, where they had about 20 inches of rain as soon as we left! And now catching up with everything I wasn't able to do when I should have. Whew! But it was a great holiday season! And I hope that yours was too!

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