Friday, January 31, 2014

Bead board and art...

Happy Friday evening! I hope that you are all on your way to a great weekend. Today I actually felt like some things were accomplished around this house.

While Mr. Perch worked on the bead board 
in the bathroom...

I decided to do some work up in the studio,
since there was nothing that I could do today
to help with the bathroom update.
So I made some greeting cards using 
scraps left over from other projects 
along with the photo downloads that
 I recently purchased from Etsy sellers.

A birthday card for a friend...

A Valentine's Day card for
guess who?...

A thank you card for our friends in
Florida who we stayed with earlier
this month
(she loves blue)...

And another page in the art journal that I 
am working on...

Did you have fun getting something accomplished today?


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