Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weighing in on bargain art stuff!

Happy Wednesday from snow-on-the-ground North Carolina! Well about an inch or so on the lawn only, but in NC that pretty much constitutes a blizzard! It is pretty darn cold, though! 

The other day my sister-in-law and I had another "girls day out" and went, among other places, to Archiver's, which is a scrapbook shop that is closing all of its locations. Pity for me, as though I'm not a scrapper, I did love the papers and ribbons that they sold. In any case, they were up to 40% off on all items. Lucky for me that scrappers apparently don't use as much ribbons and trims as I do, since they had an amazing amount left, so need I say more! I actually went back the next day to buy more of the stock, since they had choices that you don't see in places like Michael's.

Ribbons and trims in a rainbow of colors...

Some other pretty trims in black, grey, turquoise and brown...

...and some gorgeous fabric flowers.

Though a little more in the grunge style,
I couldn't resist these Tim Holtz 
stencil clips. 
I think that they would be wonderful
in some kind of book art...

And so what inspired me to invest in so many colorful ribbons and flowers while living in my "neutral world"? Well, spring, of course. And the art journal that I am working on, which is from the tutorial that I purchased recently and encouraging me to "step outside my box"...

Here is a glimpse of the journal.
I can't claim it as my own art, 
but things have been standing in the way of my own
creativity lately, and I thought working on this might give 
me the jump start that I need.
More later after I obtain the materials that I need to complete
the job.
I will also share the source of this great tutorial!

Have you stepped outside your artistic comfort zone lately!


  1. Love your beautiful finds and the gorgeous vintage scale. I need to try and find creative time with this pup on my hands! :)

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I know what you mean about finding creative time. I guess you can be creative with puppy training...that should count for something! XO


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