Friday, January 23, 2015

A pile of little cutter quilt squares...

How sweet are these little cutter quilt squares?
They were all being sold on eBay
and were all originally from the same quilt.
And they were all hand stitched. 
The seller stated that the quilt as a whole was a cutter,
so she cut them into these little pieces,
measuring 6 by 6 inches.

I love that some mix in a little black,
and that the reds have faded so much they look pink...

Some have this weird shade of green.
I surmise that the green was once blue,
but has also faded over time.
Sometimes old fabrics do that.
Working with these pieces may present a challenge.
I love challenges...

I see myself using these red, white and blue pieces
with some of my vintage patriotic photos...

I bought twelve pieces,
though the seller still still has some more for sale.

I couldn't resist stacking them up...

The top piece reminds me of a sailboat,
or perhaps a piece of an old schoolhouse quilt
(missing the door and chimney)...

I wonder what this quilt looked like when it was
all one piece,
and before the fabrics started to fade.
I wonder who used it and loved it.
And I wonder how it ended up being a cutter.

I bought these pieces thinking that I might make a 
patriotic banner with them in time for July 4th. 
It seems like I would have plenty of time to do that.
But then again, knowing me, maybe not!
In the meantime, maybe I'll just display them
in a basket in our upstairs guest room,
which is the only room in this house
 that has a touch of red.

What would you do with these?

Think creative thoughts.
It's better than nothing!


  1. They're beautiful! Looking forward to see what you'll make with them! Big hugs xx


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