Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Playing with Plaster Cloth Wrap on fabric...

Hello there!

The other day I had some time to play in my studio, so I decided to pull something out that I had worked on a while ago.Way back whenever, I was in an "experimental" mood, so I decided to try my hand at using plaster cloth to see what interesting textures I could come up with. I didn't really have any specific project in mind when I made it, except I knew that I would likely turn it into a fabric collage of some sort.

Below is the product that I used.
Pretty inexpensive to experiment with!
It comes on a roll that is 4 inches by 180 inches (10 by 450 cm).
I worked with about 12 inches at a time.
After dipping the strips, one at a time, into a bowl
of warm water, 
I placed each strip on my fabric piece,
scrunching as I went along, 
and created a first layer.
I then did the same thing again,
this time scrunching in different areas, while
incorporating vintage lace scraps
into the plaster, smoothing it in sections as I went along.
I covered some of the lace in some areas with the plaster...

Here is one larger piece that I did on
some canvas drop cloth material.
Towards the upper left you can see where
I left it a little flat so that later I could add something else.
You can also see where the plaster partially covers the laces...

In this more detailed photo,
you can see the mesh of the plaster cloth showing through
in some areas,
and where I made it smoother in others.
Use your fingers to smooth the plaster cloth 
until it gets as smooth as you want it.
You do not need to even dirty a paintbrush!...

The next few photos show more of the detail.
I left the canvas frayed on the edges 
as I liked the scrappy look...

For the three samples below,
I experimented with small burlap pieces...

For this one I used a larger scrap of lace...

...and on this one I used no lace,
but liked the built up texture 
near the center...

For this one I just used a small piece of lace...

Here are some photos that show more detail...

And this last photo shows you what the reverse side looks like.
Kind of interesting in itself, I think...

So what exactly did I make with these? 
I did make something with the larger piece 
from the drop cloth.
In my next post I will show you what!

Have a great evening!


  1. This looks AMAZING Sue!!! I love the different textures and layers! I hope your new year has started off so good ~ thinking of you!! xxoo, Dawn


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