Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The "Old Style Camera" photo app, crazy quilt pieces, a little girl, and a Hosta...

Happy Tuesday friends! The weather here has been less than desirable, and so of course this is an excuse to stay in the house and entertain myself. 

This morning while drinking my coffee I decided to play again with photo apps, and thought that I would share some photos of my results with you. What I like the best about using these is that they are easy to use and they enhance my otherwise not-so-great-photos!

All of the photos below were edited with 
"Old Style Camera".
This works on both iPhone and iPad.
At 99 cents, it is worth every penny.

When you upload your photo, you can choose what portion
of the photo you want to use in your creation.
It has different filters that you can use to put different 
effects on your photo, such as sepia, black and white,
vignetting, and so on, 
though I did not use any of those here.

You can choose your frame and use the blurring tool
to blur the edges of your photo.
It also allows you to move "the blur" around
on the picture, and make it as large as you like.

There are several frames to choose from,
all wonderful.

Below is a photo of a piece of a crazy quilt 
from my collection of cutter quilts.
(You know how I love these!)
I find it better to choose your frame first,
since some are patterned overlays that may clash with
your photo,
and then apply the blurring tool to fade the portions
that you want to.

For the two photos below I used the same frame, 
since I thought that the black filigree really
enhanced this beautiful piece.
I did not alter the colors at all.

The three photos below are of different sections
of another old cutter that I have.
For these I used three different frames,
again, blurring the outsides.

On this third one, I used a busier frame. 
You can see the checkerboard design in it, but
I thought the colors enhanced the quilt piece.
I only blurred parts of the outer section.

Because I felt that many of the frames in this app
mimicked Victorian photo holders,
I decided to try one on one of my vintage photos.
All I did was snap a picture of the old photo,
I didn't even scan it in.
I like that it is not so clear. 
I chose only a portion of my photo,
and then used the frame below,
and blurred even a portion of the frame.

The photo below is of a Hosta that was blooming this 
past summer up at Birdsong Cottage.
I used the same frame that I used on the first two
photos above.
In this one you can see where the fading,
or blurring, changed the colors slightly.
Playing with different frames 
and points of blurring is the best way to discover
which choices will look the best.
I then used another app (Snapseed, which I talked about
in this post) for the framing.
(This will show you how you can apply effects from one app,
save them, and then move your edited photo to another app for
additional editing.)

The only thing to know about this program
is that you can't stretch the frames
to fit your photo,
so you will have to choose one that 
"fits" around the subject that you want framed.
For instance, there is a pretty oval frame,
but had I used it on the little girl, a lot of her head
would have been cut off. 
(Unless I just haven't figured out how to do it yet!)
But with everything else that I love about this app,
I am fine with that.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy working with these apps. 
Think of the possibilities while away from home.
You can edit your iPhone and iPad photos,
then put them on your PC later
and post them to your blog,
or print them out for future art projects.
And as usual, any of the above edits are up for grabs
if you want to use them!

Many thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Sue! I did search for "old time camera" in the App Store and it doesn't come up. Can you tell me the exact name of the ap you used in this post. I'd love to get it! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Karen. I sent you an email with the link. It is Old Style Camera, not Old Time Camera. Though there is actually one called Old Time Camera, I wouldn't personally use it since it is only for photos that you take and does not allow you to upload photos from your files. Have fun! XO


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