Thursday, January 15, 2015

The "Tangent" and "Vintage Photo Frame" apps, a little girl and an old house...

Good morning. I hope that I am not boring you with my new found love for photo editing. If so, please exit now and return later! (Just joking.)

Here is some information about two other apps that I have really been enjoying, along with some of my results.

This is the base photo of the little girl that
you saw in my previous post...

I ran it through an app called "Tangent".
For $1.99, this is another great one.
At first I thought it would be too modern for 
my taste, since it uses vectors, colors, and 
shapes, along with textures and overlays. 
Below is one of the choices.
You can move the shapes around,
and size them as you wish,
so I encircled this girl's face.
This is the first edit...

I saved the above edit, then ran it through 
"Tangent" again, this time using an 
overlay of blue stars.
This also changed the shades of the red and
the circle. 
I was also able to size the blue stars.
A little bright for this old gal..., I again saved the above edit,
and moved it to another great app called
"Vintage Photo Frame".
For 99 cents, this is a great one for 
 us lovers of all-things-vintage!
This app lets you choose overlays, textures, 
such as the crackled finish below,
and frames that really look old
in a subtle way.
It also lets you choose the percent of
intensity on each of your choices.
For this one, I wanted to see if I could create
a vintage, patriotic effect on an ordinary

This past weekend we went to a family function
in Salisbury, NC. 
While there, we drove around in our favorite historic
 (We are always looking at houses for sale! 
I guess we all dream.)
I shot the below photo of one of the houses.
It was less than a great photo,
but a wonderful house...

I couldn't resist putting it in a frame from 
the "Vintaframe Pro" app ...

...and I also ran it through "Old Style Camera"...

...and through "Snapseed"...

...and also "Tangent"...

...and "Vintage Photo Frame"...

One house.
Seen six different ways.
Consider the possibilities.

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