Friday, January 9, 2015

Vintage Velvet Ribbon

Do you have anything that you love to look at, anticipating what you will do with it and how you will use it? This describes the feeling that I have for vintage velvet ribbon. I love the way it feels in your hands as you run it through your fingers. I love its richness. And I love the beautiful colors that it comes in.

Here are a few photos of some of the ribbons that I have. I played with them a little bit today, matching them up to some scrapbook papers that I had kicking around, and thought that they would make for some pretty pictures. 

Some are still on the original bolts,
with their lovely labels still in tact...

...and some have been slightly used. 
I find myself wondering where
the missing portions went
and what they were used for...

Here are two of the prettiest shades of blue... a pale blue...

...and the other a periwinkle...

How about this beautiful rich purple?...

...or this lovely pink and tan?...

This one is another shade of tan,
and it was not very expensive since
its bolt was falling apart.
Beautiful, nonetheless...

Most of these were imported from France or Germany.
So very beautiful. 
I hope that you have found something lately
that you can appreciate because, well, 
it is just so pretty to look at.

Have a lovely weekend!

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