Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Some more playing with images...

Happy Wednesday! 

Last week I received some lovely images from an eBay seller that I recently discovered. The seller provides wonderful copies of vintage images printed nicely on 4 by 6 semi-gloss photo paper. The images are nicely packed and quickly shipped. She allows you to use copies for your own personal use and even small commercial projects (but no more than 100), as long as you do not sell her altered images in their digital form (I emailed her to find this out). The seller is Postcard Muse, and you can find her here.

What do you think about these pretties?

Of course, you know how much I love vintage
ballerina photos...

...not to mention old beach photos...

I also loved these fairy images...

And, there was just something about this
lady on this beautiful horse... you know what is coming next.
I edited this photo that I took at 
the beautiful old cemetery

...used an iPhone app called Superimpose
 (for 99 cents) to remove the background from
one of the fairy images and substitute my own
cemetery background.
I then applied a texture and border 
from an iPhone app called 
Vintage Photo Frame

While I did find that removing the background via
the "tech-y" system took a lot more time than
just cutting it out with a pair of scissors
(that's just old me!),
it was a lot of fun to see what I could do with it.

Have a great day, and show no fear when it comes to trying something new! 

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