Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Phonto" Photo Editing App: Cowgirls of the Old West

Good morning!

As promised, here is the additional information on "Phonto", the last of the photo editing apps that I played with this past week.

The additional feature of this app is that you can curve the letters and words that you use, so on the above edit, I curved the words around the circle. The photo below is the original, and I ran it through "Tangent" first to encircle the cowgirls, then through "Vintage Photo Frame", and lastly through "Phonto" to add the curved lettering.

I love this old cowgirl photo that is
part of my collection.
Feel free to use it as you wish!


  1. Love that you're enjoying the photo editing, looks awesome Sue! I haven't heard of Phonto before, looks like a fun app.


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