Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pumpkins and Crows: Fun with Fakes

Hello friends!

This is the first year in forever that I haven't purchased any real pumpkins to decorate with outside. Fall crept up on me kind of quickly, and since we spent quite a bit of time up at The Wren's Nest this season, with two more trips to come, I decided that we would not be here enough to enjoy them very much anyway. However, I did decorate inside for Halloween and fall.

Do you have anything that you love to decorate with year after year without ever getting tired of it? For me, something that falls into that category is some fake pumpkins that I have had for probably 20 years purchased at Michael's when I lived in Florida. Really! Every year I use them differently and put them in a different spot, and this way they found their way to a vintage wooden beverage box in my entryway. So I decided to have a bit of photo fun with them.

Here is the original photo...

...and here it is after applying the 
Vintage Photo iPad app...

I also have a group of fake black crows
that I usually place on the front porch.
(I love crows,
especially the real ones 
that prance about in our yard!
They are just so funny to watch.)
Since we have been gone so much,
I decided to perch them in the entryway also,
upon an old mantel that we use as a shelf
above the old bench.
Here is the original photo...

...and here is the one edited, again,
with Vintage Photo...

Today is one of those days that I can say
I'm a fake, and proud of it!!!

What old stuff do you like to bring out each year?
Thanks for coming by!


  1. Hello Sue,
    I'm jealous of that App! What a cool dif. it makes.
    I'm like you in the sense I use a lot of the same things every year. . I have a white bird cage I try to decorate for every season - still waiting for me this Fall : / blessings, Karen

    1. Hi Karen! I have seen some really nice ways of decorating old birdcages on Pinterest. Now it's my turn to envy, as I do not have one! I hope you will post some pics of it on your blog some time soon. XO Sue

  2. Hello Sue
    I love your pumpkins in the beautiful old box - perfect for Halloween.
    We don't decorate for halloween here - some have halloween parties and dress up!
    Guy Fawkes 5th November is when we have our crackers - it's a custom brought to New Zealand by the original settlers!
    Thank you for your lovely comment - I appreciate what you said Sue.
    Shane x

    1. Thanks, Shane. Don't they also do Guy Fawkes in the UK? When I was a kid I had a pen pal in England, and I think that she was the first one to ever tell me about it. You are welcome! XO

  3. Hello Sue, I`m a little late, but wanted to say I love your fall decor. I also have pieces I bring out every year, and I would not have it other ways :-) I love your craws and pumpkins -and I also love what you did with that photo app.
    Dorthe xo

    1. Thanks, Dorthe! I'm so glad we feel the same about bringing out our favorites each year. There's nothing like finding comfort in cherished belongings. Hugs, Sue


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