Sunday, November 8, 2015

Our "Real Home": Doesn't she deserve a name?

Hello friends!

If you read this blog, you know that I talk about pretty much everything. As I've said before, I am neither a professional artist, designer, nor gardener. But these subjects do find a way into my posts, and especially with a slant towards all things vintage. And I don't write a lot of detailed posts about our house because I honestly feel that there are so many really great decor blogs out there that you don't need more of the same from little old me.

In any case, over the summer it occurred to me that I spent the last three summers rambling about our vacation homes Birdsong Cottage and The Wren's Nest, yet often referred to the home that we actually live in as "real house" or "real home". This didn't seem to be fair to the sweet house that we actually do call "home". So if I could lovingly name our getaway homes, why not do the same for "real home"?

I have heard that in days of old, especially in Europe and the UK, people named their homes before streets with house numbers were required. How sweet that is. But I guess in today's climate that would be rather difficult. Can you imagine the mail carrier going through even one neighborhood of 250 homes trying to remember which house was Willow Hill Manor, which was Green Fern Cottage, and so on? Not to mention that sorting the mail before he left the Post Office would be a nightmare.

When considering a name for "real home", I came up with a few ideas, yet none seemed to strike a chord. After all, we don't live on a farm or ranch. We don't live by the shore. And we don't live in the mountains. It's not a lodge, cabin, or even old. And we certainly didn't want to name her something that sounded like we had items for sale, such as Daylily Cottage or Hydrangea House, etc. So after a short discussion with Mr. Perch, who thinks the idea is odd anyway (even though he had no problems with naming the vacation homes), we gave some thought as to what might be on our property that would lend itself to sounding good as a name and offer at least a little definition as to what defined the house. And the winner is...

Plum Tree Cottage...

...named after the beautiful plum
 tree growing in our backyard, 
 that blooms
so beautifully in the spring...

Thanks for reading this post.
Have you named your home?


  1. Hi Sue~ It is a beautiful name; and a beautiful home!!! Very appropriate as well. Plum trees really are gorgeous.
    Have a great upcoming week! Karen (PS no, I've never thought about naming my house - my mind is a blank! ; )

    1. Thanks Karen. I know what you mean about the blank mind thing. Happens all the time! Hugs, Sue


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