Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Wren's Nest: The Master Bathroom Finished!

Good morning! I hope that you are well and I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

As promised, here are some photos of our completed master bathroom up at the getaway place. I took these on the last morning that we were there last week, and the lighting was beyond terrible. It really looks much prettier in person, as everything has a yellow cast here. I didn't have much time to try to take good pictures!

Here you are entering the room.
Surrounding the top of the light you can see
where we fixed the ceiling.
We trimmed out the wood,
and painted it to match the rest
of the trim-work in the room.
The rest of the ceiling was painted in
regular ceiling paint...

A decorative switch plate.
More on that in a later post!...

Towel hook bar...

New shower and surround,
with a dark grey shower curtain.
Hubby framed around the surround...

New shower faucet...

Part of the new toilet 
and medicine cabinet, 
which was already there. 
This wall is still covered with
the original paneling.
You can see that we put the chair rail
a little bit higher so that most of the
room could be painted with the light
and bright white color...

The new top on the vanity, 
with new faucets and sinks.
Above the vanity you see the new paneling,
now painted,
used to cover the funky old wallpaper
that was in this part of the bathroom.
You can barely tell the difference between it and the original
paneling in the rest of the room...

And some pretties to decorate with...

I painted the walls above the chair rails in 
Smooth Stone, a pretty pale shade of grey
by Glidden.
All trim and the walls below the chair rails were 
done in a Benjamin Moore color called 
Simply White,
but mixed in Glidden to save money!

In my next post I will show you some photos
of the other rooms.
They were taken earlier in the week
when the lighting was much better 
and you will see the paint colors a little 
more accurately!


  1. Well! Oh my goodness what a beautiful difference your hard work made! A gorgeous, tranquil room Sue! Congrats to you and your DH for the beautiful results~ Karen

    1. Thanks Karen! I told DH what you said and he is a happy guy!

  2. Wow Sue the transformation is simply amazing!
    Everything looks so fresh and soothing at the same time to my eyes.
    All the hard work has paid off I am sure.
    Enjoy your time bathing in there. So pretty!
    x Suzy

    1. Thanks Suzy! After the way it looked most of the summer, we are loving it! XO


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