Friday, November 6, 2015

The Colors of Autumn: Apple Trees, Fallen Leaves, and The Posted Sign

Good morning friends!

Here are some interesting weird photos that I took last week when we were in the mountains. Of course, I couldn't resist a little photo editing on them for some fun.

This area is known for its apple orchards.
Here are some apple trees 
that were past their harvest, 
and grew in a remote area 
almost at the end of a mountain road.
They were almost spooky.
If you look closely, you will see
a few red apples still hanging
on the branches...

I snapped this photo of fallen leaves at
Jump Off Rock,
which you can read about in my post here...

On the same road that the apple trees were,
I had to love this old posted sign and fence post.
Don't you think it has a unique vibe to it?
I had to trespass a little to get to it,
but Mr. Perch reminded me that it didn't look
like too many cops patrolled this remote area!...

Not all subjects have to be perfect and beautiful, do they?
Have you taken any photos of less-than-perfect-and-beautiful subjects lately?


  1. Awesome photo's Sue! Love them!

    It has always been a wish of mine to learn to paint; and especially
    to learn to paint bare trees~ These would be perfect candidates : )
    Have a great week-end! Blessings, Karen O

    1. Painting is not my strong suit, but I would love to see what you could do with these trees. It would not upset me at all if you used the photos. I am not a professional photographer by any means and I generally don't even watermark my photos as I don't think they are worth "stealing"! I love that you read my blog so regularly! Thanks!


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