Thursday, November 5, 2015

The View from Lot 3

Hello there!

Last week we spent the week up at The Wren's Nest (our little mountain place in western NC, if you don't follow this blog). We put a few final touches on this year's remodeling and decorating, but mostly, we cleaned it up to get it ready for its "winterization". After spending the entire spring, summer and fall working on it, we decided to treat ourselves to a couple of fun days and not work at all. On one of those days we went to a new breakfast place that we had just discovered, and later drove up the road that the restaurant was on. A few miles up the road, which is just outside of our town, Hendersonville, NC, we found an area that had been parceled into lots for sale. It was a bleak day, having had rained heavily for a few days earlier in the week, but just the same, it was a sight to see.

Welcome to the view from Lot 3.
The next three photos show what you would see
out of your rear windows
if you built a house on this lot.

Mountain range...

...after range...

...after range. 
The grass in the front of the photos
is where the house would sit.
How hard would this be to take?

Lot 3 would be our choice because it is
close to the front entrance of the subdivision.
If you wanted to live "higher up",
you would drive up this road.
Doesn't it look like the edge of the earth?...

Dreams are the stuff that life is made of.
But reality isn't always too bad, either!

I hope that you are having a dreamy day.


  1. WOWZER Sue!!! What a stunning view! Yes, I think I could maybe handle that view every day! : ) Thanks for sharing~ Karen

    1. Hi Karen! I've been out your way and I'm sure you have some pretty magnificent views of your own! Have a great weekend! XO


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