Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Farm Table and a Couple of Procrastinators

Good morning.

If you read this blog, you may remember that a while ago a LONG while ago, I went to one of my favorite antique stores, showed you some photos of my day out, and asked you to guess what item in the photos was something I actually came home with. You can see that post here.

Well, last March my DH decided that he was bored with the winter and tired of being stuck inside. If you are a mom, do you remember when your kids were little and kept telling you how bored they were? After a while it started getting aggravating and so you FOUND them something to do, like clean up their rooms or write a book report (can you tell that I was a young mom back in the day when there were no iPhones, iPads, or computers to play games on?). Well, Hubby kept on with it so finally I said: "Well, why don't you just build us a farm table!". Bad mistake. That afternoon he went out looking at wood and other materials, came home, told me to go over the dimensions with him, and bought the materials the next day. This was a month before we had planned on beginning work up at The Nest. Needless to say, the table got built, I Annie-Sloaned the skirting and legs, along with the six antique chairs that I bought, four in one place (one of which is seen in last photo on the linked blog post above), and two in another. All that needed to be done was to stain the table top and wax the chairs. And there they all sat. In the garage. (Along with two old dressers that I bought almost two years ago and still haven't refinished.) Who uses garages for cars anyway? Ha. We spent so much of the spring and summer working on the other place, that the table simply took a back seat.

So, last week we decided that we want to get moving on our farmhouse look, and that it was time to finish our my project, and there I went. In two days I stained and polyurethaned the top and waxed all the chairs. Yesterday we lugged out the old table and chairs (Craigslist here they come) and put them, where else, but in the garage, and dragged in the new set. We are really pleased with how it came out. We did it on a budget, which was the best part!

Most of our furniture is dark,
and we are trying to lighten it up a little.
Since our dining room is part of the open concept,
and not a formal dining room,
our current table just doesn't work.
I bought it before I met Bob when I did have a
formal dining room.

...and hello dear sweet farm table...

We will be painting this whole area after the
 holidays, and have something in mind to 
replace the plates on the wall...

Here is a better shot of the top of the table.
The stuff on the table was a bargain.
The Thanksgiving greenery was 80% off at 
Hobby Lobby the other day,
and the candle holders were from our 
outdoor wedding six years ago.
Such a bargain!...

We are currently doing some work in our great room...more on that in a future post. Hopefully, though, not too far in the future. We do tend to procrastinate sometimes!

Are you doing any DIY lately?


  1. GORGEOUS! What a beautiful table & chairs Sue! I would be so "Thankful" for that! : ) Enjoy ~ Karen

    1. Thanks, Karen! We are pretty happy with them ourselves.

  2. Oh how I love your table! It is just beautiful! I have a similar dilemma. A large "oval" honey oak table with a large china cabinet. I am getting ready to down size. Now I hate selling it because it will be a loss :( but where I end up will probably not accommodate such a thing. Love seeing your before and after's!!!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. Sometimes it feels kind of good to downsize and pare down. It's almost like a rejuvenation of sorts. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. XO Sue

  3. Oh, I love your new table & chairs, dear Sue and you decorated it so lovely. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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