Friday, November 20, 2015

A Ladder, a Bench and an Old Window

Good morning to all!

Yesterday Mr. Perch, my darling hubby, and I took off for a little antique hunting. Not actually antiques, mind you, but just fun old stuff. This is not DH's favorite thing to do, but he was looking for something specific so was willing to go. Unfortunately, he didn't find it (when we do, it will be fodder for a future post), but we I had fun looking anyway! One of our favorite places to go is The Vintage Village in Raleigh, NC, which is a short drive from where we live. The Village is composed of several different small shops, along with SuzAnna's Antiques, which is the largest store and is home to various vendors. I've written about shopping here before. It's always fun to look, and you can generally expect to find something that you weren't even looking for!

Following are some photos that I took in SuzAnna's. The other shops are smaller, so I don't generally shoot pictures in them as I don't want to be too conspicuous!


That's my Mr. Perch browsing around in
the back!...

This vendor sold some nice purses and totes...

All kinds of goodness here. 
Look up, down, and all around.
Lots of stuff hangs from the ceilings
and upper walls...

A pretty display of china...

...and a sweet Christmas display 
in blue and green...


...and hand-painted signs galore.
DH liked the one with the little red wagon.
I told him we couldn't buy it. 
He wanted to know why.
I told him not to ask any questions.
"Did you buy one from Pinterest?",
he asked.
"One doesn't buy stuff from Pinterest",
I replied, and told him to drop it.
He did.
Can you guess why I didn't want to buy the sign
with the little red wagon?...

This was a really unusual, a LARGE winding spool
of fat twine. 
Not something I was looking for, 
but very cool to look at...

In this display my heart sang over the
galvanized wash tubs,
and they were marked with very reasonable
but alas, they were not to be mine today...

And thought we don't need yet another dresser,
I loved this one. 
And in spite of the fact that I am not so much
a red lover,
I thought this display of red was very pretty...

More signage...

...and a mannequin that I swooned over.
Someone stopped to ask me a question,
and I totally forgot to check the price on it.
It must be my age. 
I was probably born before this mannequin
was manufactured ;~)...

I liked the way that a boxwood
wreath formed the letter "O"
in this display...

And this shop also carries Miss Mustard Seed
paint products.
Not only that, but Marion,
A/K/A Miss Mustard Seed,
is visiting this shop on November 28th.
Imagine that.
Her husband's family lives here,
though he and Marion live in PA...

So I am the winner.
I found three items, all of which I was looking
A ladder. A bench. And an old window...

What am I going to use them for?
You will have to keep reading my little old blog
to find out!

Did you bring home any junk for your garage today?

Many thanks for coming by!


  1. Hello Sue
    I've seen posts about Suzannes before - it's my kind of shop.
    I would love to spend time poking about there with you!
    My husband is only interested in shopping if there are boats or marine type items available!
    Thank you for your kind comments recently.
    Shane x.

    1. Hi, Shane. I know what you mean about husbands! Seriously, if you ever make the trip here, wouldn't a day of shopping be grand! Wow! Stay well, and have a great week. Hugs, Sue

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these three pieces.

    1. It may be a little bit of a wait, but I hope to do something with the bench shortly! Thanks for visiting again! Have a great week.

  3. Oh wow Sue! What a great post. I love it when people take me on shopping trips with them! Great photo's. Thank you for the journey~ I WILL keep reading your blog to see what you create with your new finds : ) Blessings to you for a great Thanksgiving, Karen O

    1. Karen, we can go shopping together anytime! You have a wonderful Thanksgiving and blessings back to you!


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