Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pretties from the garden: Hydrangea, Daylilies and Oriental Lilies...

Greetings from The Perch! I hope that you had a great day. Today we were very busy packing the motor home for our trip to the mountains. As I was in and out of the house I noticed some new beauties blooming in the garden, and snapped a few photos since likely these will not be blooming by the time we get back. (The photos are not the best as I was in a rush. Ha!)

The one below is a hydrangea that we have had a few years.
It didn't do well where we originally planted it, so we moved it
to the side of the garden shed, where it now flourishes.
I love that the petals are both blue and white,
and totally different than any of our others.
I believe it was from the line Forever and Ever.
They start slow, but once established they are stunning...

These are Lake Carey Oriental Lilies.
I started them from cheap WalMart bulbs
just last year. They are the softest pink.
What a buy!

Below is a Mystical Rainbow Daylily, also purchased
last year from a mail order breeder.
You can't read the garden statue in back, but it says:
"I don't remember planting this".
The story of my life!

The one below is a Ruby Spider Daylily,
also purchased last year by a daylily breeder.
When you order from breeders, you get some
lovelies that you would never see in home and
garden stores...

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