Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The welcome return of the garden, that is!


I think that I once mentioned that orange is one of my least favorite colors. I never wear it, and I rarely do artwork with it. I think that it is because it's a throwback to the popularity of the rusts and oranges that were so popular in the 70's. Do you remember those days? In any case, I do love it in two places. In Fall decor, and in the garden wherever I think I need a real pop of color. Come on now, you didn't really think a week would go by without some mention of the garden, now did you??

Do you remember in this post where I talked about the wild adventure my husband and I had digging out wild daylilies from the abandoned farmhouse down the road? Well, patience is everything, my friends!

The first one bloomed this week,
with many more buds on the clump
(this is one of three clumps that we smuggled out
and brought over here).

A close-up of the star of the show...

I first fell in love with these wild ladies after I married my husband and we started going up to Massachusetts every summer to visit his family. They grow wild all over the place up there and spread like wild fire. I think that they are sometimes referred to as "roadside lilies" and some call them Tiger Lilies. They are not lilies at all, but daylilies, which is a different species. Last summer, his niece even dug out one of hers for us, and we took it home to plant here. It is blooming now, with the stems almost up to my shoulders!

It looks a little different than
the NC variety.
I labeled it and sent it to her to show
her that her efforts were well rewarded.
Here it is in front of our porch...

And do you also remember this post where I showed you some annual dahlias that I used on my front porch in the fall? Well, their future was indeed in the garden. Two out of three made it through the winter.

One is blooming now, with more buds ready to pop...

Now, even if you are of the sort who doesn't like much color and gravitates (like me) to all things chippy and white, don't these flowers just make one small part of you admire the spunk and tenacity of  ORANGE!!!

I hope that your day is colorful!



  1. Thank you for your sweet comment. Love the dahlias!

  2. I'm not a fan of orange myself, though this summer I seem to be gravitating to shades of it (mostly in the coral range) in my clothing. My garden? Not so much. I've got day lilies but mine are yellow and one is a rusty red...strange I've never taken to the orange one. Your garden is really sprouting!

    1. I hope that your garden is sprouting, too, and that the cold weather is finally left you for good!


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